Life as a Legend:Marilyn Monroe

25 02 2010

Tuesday night I had the pleasure of seeing the exhibit, Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville. The art is incredible and the pictures of Marilyn awe inspiring (leave the kids at home for this one).  If you live anywhere near Jacksonville, Florida or are interested in visiting, the exhibit is worth the trip. 

Marilyn has always been an outstanding character in modern American history.  If you ask foreigners what they think of America, she is almost always mentioned as the quintessential portrait of American life.  She did lead an exciting life, but what also stands out to me is an unfulfilled life of struggle and pain.  Her premature death at only the age of 36 exposes this sad layer and is most poignantly captured in the picture of her lifeless body at the morgue as Norma Jean and Marilyn meet again (picture is at the exhibit).  Nevertheless, it is good to remember the positive points, and time when life was happy. As a result, I choose to remember the most vivid and beautiful pictures of Marilyn that I have ever seen in all of my years.  My favorite pieces include the photo series of her living what appears to be a normal, but beautiful life. 

The exhibit is open until April 4, 2010.

Happy museum visits to you! I hope you get to see the beauty that is Marilyn Monroe. 

pictures are from my iphone, pop art lite application. You will have to visit the exhibit to see the real deal. 




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