Tales of a Southern Expatriate

16 02 2010

Well, dear friends and readers, Ginger here. I have some news.

Are you ready?

Here goes…

This Southern girl, born and bred, will, as of two weeks from now, temporarily be a West Coast California girl.

Husband has been accepted into graduate school, so we will be moving to the beautiful Monterey, California for him to attend for the next 2 years. We’re really looking forward to it, but fully expect (and hope) to be back a little closer to “home” and family after he’s graduated.

Now DON’T WORRY! Gracious Becky has agreed to let me still be her partner in crime and continue to blog about a life lived as a Southerner (maybe I can teach those California dudes and dudettes a thing or two about hospitality and fried food), I’ll just be 2,500 miles away doing it.

But hey, Southern is in the heart not location, right?

So, as a by-product of this little adventure, next week, I’ll be blogging and Tweeting each day from the road. We’re seizing the opportunity to take that great American road trip cross-country (pray hard for The Bluebird, and for poor husband’s nerves, as I tend to have to stop a lot, if you know what I mean — I mean, I am a girl, you know).

We plan to take our time, stop in tons of cute little towns, and of course take pictures and videos galore.

Our bags are (almost) packed, our cameras are charged up. We’ve got snacks and iPods, and Mad Libs. !!!! Won’t you come along?

P.S. – If you’re a fellow Southern expat, check out Becky’s guide to Southern dining outside of our dear ol’ South. Here’s to discovering much more!




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