Hail to the Chiefs!

15 02 2010

Whether or not you agree with any current president’s politics, the office is something to be respected. With today being President’s Day, we thought we’d take a moment to honor all 44 men who have served as our public servants in the office of President.

And, for a little history lesson for all you SIT readers out there (and for us too, a refresher course), here’s a list of all the Presidents from the great Southern states!

George Washington – Virginia

Thomas Jefferson – Virginia

James Madison – Virginia

James Monroe – Virginia

Andrew Jackson – South Carolina (born), Tennessee (political base)

William Henry Harrison – Virginia

John Tyler – Virginia

James K. Polk – North Carolina (born), Tennessee (political base)

Zachary Taylor – Virginia (born), Louisiana (political base)

Abraham Lincoln – Kentucky

Andrew Johnson – North Carolina (born), Tennessee (political base)

Woodrow Wilson – Virginia

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Texas

Lyndon B. Johnson – Texas

Jimmy Carter – Georgia

George H. W. Bush – Texas

William Jefferson Clinton – Arkansas

George W. Bush – Texas




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