Southern Dining Abroad

10 02 2010

                    Fried Green Tomatoes from The Southern in Chicago

Are you current living outside of the south and craving some of those wonderful comfort foods that bring back childhood memories, or trips on the coast with salty seafood? I could make food lists for hours…Don’t worry, because most major cities abroad (outside of the south), can satisfy that craving.

Here are a few dining spots to check out and their menu highlights:

Chicago –

Brand BBQ Market – Smoked pulled duck, mac and cheese, and double smoked brisket are among the favorites

The Southern – Mint juleps, fish tacos, johnnycakes, andouille sausage, cheese straws.

DC (ok, this is still the south, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it)

The General Store and Post Office Tavern – Chicken and waffles, biscuits with pork sausage gravy, and Sundays include an entire menu of waffle varieties. 

New York City –

Choptank Blue crab in the summer, cabbage slaw, peel and eat shrimp, and striped bass.

Kings County Distillery – Bourbon. Enough said.

Portland –

The Screen Door – shrimp and grits, pulled pork, fried eggs, collards, and black eyed peas.

San Francisco –

Hard Knox Cafe – Country fried steak, veggie platter, Cajun meatloaf, and catfish. 

Dont’ forget that you can also order great southern delicacies online from the Lee Brothers, bourbon smoked garlic salt from Rattlesnake Hill Farm, get your fix of pickled items from Phickles, or mix up your favorite southern cocktails at home with inspiration from Small Hand Foods

Where are your favorite southern dining spots?




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16 02 2010
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