Valentine’s Day for the Food Lover

4 02 2010

Do you have a food lover in your life and are still looking for that perfect, most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift?

Look no further, stop here.  This is it, The Ultimate Southern Pantry, Food of the Month gift from our favorite set of southern brothers, Matt and Ted Lee.  Who doesn’t love a gift every month, especially a gift you can devour?  Exciting items include pickled okra, stone ground grits, and Cheerwine.  I am excited just writing about this idea.

Knowing that the first gift will not arrive by Valentine’s Day , you could send a hand written note including the upcoming monthly food gift, the Lee Brothers new cookbook, Simply Fresh Southern, and perhaps a little package of peanuts and a Coca-Cola (the ultimate southern combination of salty and sweet). 

The Lee Brothers also have lots of other gift suggestions, such as the Southern Breakfast, and The Condiment Club.

Here is to a different kind of Valentine’s Day!  Happy Eating!

p.s – If you receive one of these gifts, we would love to see a picture.




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