Tuesday Tip: Drawer Care

2 02 2010

We are all looking to save a little money here and there. As a result, people are updating old furniture, finding items that need a little paint or tender loving care instead of purchasing new pieces.  Design Sponge is great at featuring such before and after pieces. 

If any of the pieces in your house now include a chest of drawers, the drawers themselves can become hard to pull open.  Sometimes this strains the knobs, can strip them or cause them to come off entirely.  Luckily, all you need is an old candle to solve the problem.

Pull out your drawers, turn them over and put a good coat of wax over the part of the drawer that slides back and forth. You will also want to take this step on the inside of the piece of furniture where the drawer normally slides. 

You will not believe the improvement and this will add life to your furniture as it does not hurt the wood. Since you are used to pushing and pulling the drawers with such force, be prepared that you will not have exert nearly as much energy. You can save that for your next walk outside or local yoga class.

Happy Tuesday!




One response

2 02 2010

Ok, this is weird… Becky… we did not talk about this AT ALL, other than you to say you had a great Tuesday Tip. I just did this this morning to hubby’s dresser drawer with soap!
We are so much alike!

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