Storyland Park, New Orleans

1 02 2010
Storyland sign


I remember one of the most exciting places in all of my childhood memories was not DisneyLand (though I love it!), or Chuck E. Cheese (where parents spend $40 in quarters in an hour to throw the basketball into a hoop, when we have one of those in the driveway at home), but a free city park in New Orleans, Louisiana.


My family had taken a trip to the Big Easy, and spent a week there strolling along the French Quarter, taking in all the culture, having our eyes covered a lot along Bourbon Street, and eating crawdads until our arms were up to the elbows in butter.


But the most magical memory I have from the trip was a park, were all the slides, swings, and playhouses were famous characters from Mother Goose, Peter Pan, Hans Christian Anderson tales, and many other children’s stories the I’m still so fond of.


One of the first Google searches I did after the hurricane Katrina (after calling to make sure dear friends were escaped), was to make sure this treasure was still there. If you or your family is planning visit to (or live near) the New Orleans area, you must check out this park. I think there is a small fee now ($3), but it’s a small price to pay for a trip, literally into, your child’s imagination.


What are some of your favorite childhood memories?




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