Chicken Soup for the Far-Away Soul

29 01 2010

Jarful of Comfort

I few months ago I was sick for what seemed like forever. Doc K put me on a strict diet of lots of soup and lots of fruit and lots of tea, so poor husband was constantly running to the store for more supplies of soup, juice, and just about any liquid I could handle putting down my poor little throat. So sweet.

Since then, seems like everyone I know has been, or is sick. (And despite my continuous cough, I refuse to be sick twice in one winter, so I’m mentally fighting this!) Many of those live far, far away, so I can’t be there to run over a movie or a magazine, or a can of that classic Campbell’s chicken soup. Oh, how I wish I could.

I know you’ve been in the same boat either recently, or maybe you know of a best friend, brother, or mom who is sick right now.

Well, the genius Marti came up with the simplest and most marvelous idea when her mother was ill a few years ago, Spoonful of Comfort. Located right here in my Florida, she will send a jar full of delicious chicken noodle soup anywhere your ailing loved one is (or, if you’re just tired of this infernal winter, and need a little warm in your belly, to you)!

You can also all rolls or cookies to your order if you so choose. It’s a nice departure from the usual card or flowers (not that those aren’t nice, but sometimes a bouquet just won’t do what a bowl of steamy broth will).

Mmm, mmm, good! Apparently it’s not the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down, but the Spoonful of Comfort.




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