The Four Coursemen Menu(s)

27 01 2010

I realize this might sound silly, but I love to look at back issues of Food and Wine Magazine and plan menus.  In graduate school, my roommates and I (the dears that they are) each had a different night to cook.  Thursday was my day to prepare the evening repas and I can’t tell you how many pages I dog-eared during that year.  Lots!

Seeing the postings of the Four Coursemen menus from the past few months makes me reminisce and salivate.  Rabbit and Wild Mushroom Ragout, Lavender Seared Duck Breast w/ Sweet Potato Cream, Red Leaf Watercress, Rutabaga, Date and Cashew Compote, White Bean Soup w/ Mussels, Chorizo, Kale, Tapenade Crostini … Really? I can barely contain myself.

You must march your little fingers over to their website and investigate these menus for yourself, and check out our past posts (one, and two)  about the Four Coursemen. 

                     Cornish Hens with Plum-and-Leek Stuffing and Celery Root

                                                 Picture from




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