Kids in the Kitchen

25 01 2010

No, no… that isn’t the name of the newest horror flick (though it could be after the looks of the floors when you get 40 elementary students making their own trail mix), it’s a wonderful program I have the privilege to participate in that promotes healthy choices for children and their parents by teaching them the basics of nutrition and exercise.

We provide lessons and programs including cooking classes at least once per week in a community center, usually located in a downtown or inner city area, where childhood obesity are more likely to be factors.

Kids in the Kitchen has been so rewarding for me. I’ve been able to be linked up with KITK through Junior League, and last Friday, we partnered with Community Connections to make pizzas with 80 elementary school-aged children. What ensued was pure bedlam, but extremely fun!

If you’d like to get involved with Kids in the Kitchen, many cities have a program. But even if you just happen to have little ones of your own at home, I thought I’d share my lesson plan. (We’ve been all about the kids today, haven’t we?)

JL KITK Pizza Lesson Plan




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17 02 2010
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