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20 01 2010

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Washington, D.C.

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Kings of Lions (er, ahem, Leon)

20 01 2010

My dad is impossibly cool… Keeps up with trends, dresses stylishly (for a guy), always has the latest technology… He’s just one of those cool dads. But, he loves his old music – a little Elton, a classical record or two, even some Frank or Billie now and again, even some Southern Gospel. Doesn’t know too much about “what the young kids are listening to these days.” (In his defense, most of it really is junk.)

So, one of my favorite stories about him involves him screaming across the street to his friends about a new band called the “Kings of Lions” playing downtown one night on a double date with my mom. We love to tease him about that.

Mostly because I actually love the, ahem, dad, it’s the Kings of LEON. (Just kidding, daddy… Love you!)

I knew there was some reason I loved them so. They’re originally from Nashville!

It gets even better… they are family. In typical Southern style, three of the group are brothers, and the fourth is their cousin.  They started out singing southern rock and blues, and have gradually morphed into a variety of alternative sounds.

Jared Followill, the bassist, just bought a new house in his hometown. Check out the beautiful home he bought in one of my favorite Southern cities.

[Side note, dear readers: Pretty home, rock ‘n’ roll music, but I make no comment on Followill’s life or choices. I don’t know him at all, haven’t seen a word about him in the grocery-line tabloid headlines, but I’m just sayin’. He’s a rockstar, so my love of their songs in no way endorses any sort of rockstar lifestyle. Unless he’s a sweet, church-goin’, library card-carrying, Little League-coaching sweetheart. Hey, it’s possible.]