Tuesday Tip: Universal Wrapping Paper

19 01 2010

By a show of hands, how many of you bought way too much wrapping paper for Christmas?

Um, my hand is way up.

While I’m trying so hard to “only buy solid colored wrapping,” so it can be used for any occasion, sometimes that green tartan is just too cute, or the pink and white polka dot is just too precious for your best friend.

But it never fails, then I’m scrambling around for something to wrap husband’s manly present in, and much as he loves me and all my girly ways, he does not want pink polka dots.

So, here’s a little trick for you.

Turn that wrapping paper inside out, and wrap it in crisp white blankness. (Can you believe I’ve actually been silly enough to buy white wrapping paper anyway?) It will look beautiful, and trust me, by the time they see the insides, they’ve seen the present, so it doesn’t really matter.

And, your giftee will be impressed with your ingenuity anyway!




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