Tuesday Tip: A Safety Pin and a Draw String

19 01 2010

In typical Ginger fashion, I’m walking down the hallway at work, properly dressed, just slightly disheveled. I don’t know what’s happened to me. I used to be so particular about every little detail, but whether it’s being married to a laid-back boy, or living down here in the laid-back capitol of the world in Florida, I don’t know…

It just didn’t even bother me that the drawstring had fallen out of one side of my cargo pants leg, and not the other. Those little things are too teeny to thread back through!

So one of my dear friends and coworkers (after first having made fun of me), taught me this neat trick.

First, locate the drawstring in that bin of little repairs you keep on top of your laundry that you’ve been meaning to fix for ages. Next, attach a safety pin onto one end of the drawstring. Now, thread through!

The safety pin gives your little fingers something to hold onto as it travels through the itsy bitsy cloth tunnel to the other side. Voila!

Did y’all know about that? Why didn’t you tell me first??




One response

19 01 2010
Tina Thompson

you must have not paid much attention to your momma who is a seamstress and has done this many, many times. Silly girl:-)

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