Highwire and 5 & 10

14 01 2010

If you haven’t noticed, I’m missing my family a lot lately. After getting to see them so much around the holidays, I’ve gone into withdrawals. We always say that it’s not fair that a family who is so close has to be spread out over so much of the (Southern) country. [Those 20 hours of home-videos my dad copied for me onto DVD probably didn’t help my nostalgia either though.]

My sweet sister, and brother-in-law were kind enough to indulge me a couple of weeks ago, when I swung through Athens for a 17-hour visit to take me to Schlotsky’s (used to go there in high school, don’t have them here, long story, good sandwich, but still…), instead of the world-class level restaurants they have there in Athens. What sweet, accommodating people they are. And even took me after to Kroger on a wild-goose chase for some Zapp’s potato chips. (I mean Florida is the south, but sometimes, we’re not as Southern as we could be. Why don’t they sell Zapp’s down here! Speaking of a wild-goose chase… sorry for that tangent!)

Since I do get to visit there pretty frequently though, I’d like to share a few of those world-class restaurants with you, and just pretend I went to these two lovely places, instead of ordering the Original Club and a Coca-cola from Schlotsky’s, okay?

First off, there’s 5 & 10. Nominated for awards, reviewed by magazines such as Bon Appetit, and I mean, who really cares what accolades the place has gotten unless the food is delicious, right? It is. Folks travel all over the country to eat here, people, and it’s in our own “backyard.” So get yourself there, folks, fast! In case you don’t believe me, they’ve even posted a couple of recipes you can use for your next entertaining at home to get a taste.

Then, pop on over to Highwire. The sister-lounge to my favorite pub, Trappeze, Highwire is a great place to have an after-dinner beverage or a second bite to eat. All their selections are gourmet and original. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

So, your mission is two-fold today, Southern readers:

1. Go tell your family you’re missing them too. I’m sure they could use a pick-me-up in this dreary lonely month. (And whose idea was it to schedule a month of no-holidays directly after a month of such reveling?)

2. Plan a trip to Athens. The shopping is great, the folks are great, the atmosphere is infectious, and the food… well, I just can’t say enough. I’m sure you’ll hear more from me about the food in the near SIT future.




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