Mark Twain at Disneyworld

13 01 2010

Epcot - Christmas '09 - Each "land" has it's own version of Santa Claus (in this case, Pere Noel) telling the Christmas story and traditions.

We joke that we have two seasons here in Florida — summer, and January. Well, we’re sure as anything in January right now (first time I’ve had the heat on in 4 years of living here!), but right before Christmas, husby and I sneaked off for the weekend in our shorts and tees, for one last day at Disneyworld.

A Lifesize Ginger Bread House

There is nothing more beautiful than Disney at Christmas. Here are a few of my pictures from the day.

A little known secret about me - I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Judaism.

I also love old war posters. An exhibit at Epcot.

I especially wanted to show y’all one of our own, Mr. Mark Twain, featured in the American Experience at Epcot. Just another little taste of the South at Disney.

Spotted by SIT at Disney's Epcot




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