Memphis in New York City

11 01 2010

Sometimes you just need a bit of home, when you are far from home. Luckily, if you are headed to New York City or living there currently, you can catch the new Broadway musical, Memphis and be comforted and entertained by this story.  The 1950’s south was tumultuous at best and segregation was a sad normal.  However, the love of music brings people together, if they are willing to open their eyes.  White radio DJ Huey Calhoun loves music and discovers that the R & B style of the Black community resonates within him.  Felicia Ferrell is a young Black singer with a career on the move, but she cannot seem to move past the barriers of segregated clubs in Memphis.  Working together seems only natural, but as the website notes, “as things start to heat up, whether or not the world is ready for their music – or their love- is put to the test.”

 Receiving good reviews and appearing on every talk show since early December, I am hoping Memphis will be a hit.  Musicals could be one of my favorite things, ever!  They make me happy.

Photos taken by Joan Marcus from




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