Subway: Eat South!

6 01 2010

What did I tell y’all? The South is having it’s moment. Even Subway, my favorite lunch destination is on board.

"True Taste of the South" (sorry for the poor picture - another cell phone shot... oh, and don't have the "Southern" style tea... yeah, it's not the Sweet Tea we all know and love)

I tried the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken sandwich today, and while it might not replace my everyday turkey on honey oat with spinach and tomatoes, it was pretty good. The BBQ sauce was actually quite decent, and y’all KNOW how picky I am about my BBQ. I would suggest getting it on the oven-roasted chicken breast instead of the official Smokehouse Chicken, as the shredded chicken was a bit fine for my taste, but it was still alright.

So next time you forgot to brown bag it, give our South a shout at, of all places, a chain sandwich shop.




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