Tuesday Tip: Doggie Bath Mat

5 01 2010

My boss is a genius!  I mean, you are so going to thank me (her) for this idea if you have a pup. Even though we don’t (yet – possibly the biggest conflict of our marriage — I’ll let y’all decide which of us wants one and which doesn’t), I have a nephew-dog, and I’m definitely passing this along to my sister. And all of you.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen. In order to protect your backseat, set an old bathmat on your backseat. An extra-long style can cover the whole seat. They can’t claw it to pieces like a sheet or your favorite blanket, and the rubbery bottom will keep it from sliding like plastic.

Ahem, marketers, if you’re out there… stick a cutsie tag on your plain old bath mat, sell it at the pet store, and voila!

Image From The Grand Paw




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13 06 2010
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