Lentil Soup for the New Year

1 01 2010

Choking back a few tears as I sit here on the first day of the New Year watching my beloved Bobby Bowden during the last game of his career, I am comforted by the most flavorful of family traditions, lentil soup.  My grandmother taught my mother how to make this New Year treat, and now I am the apprentice. 

This is the perfect soup for a cold day, but then again I eat soup even on the warmest days of summer.  The soup is also perfect for your vegetarian palette (see Ginger’s recipe as well) or can be made with ham. I love both but prefer the latter.  Plus, this entire recipe can be made in one pot.


Ham bone (optional)

1 1/2 pounds of Ham, cooked and cubed (optional)

1 white onion

5 garlic cloves

1 bag of Lentils (brown is fine)

1 bag of Carrots

5 Potatoes (perfect addition for vegetarian version)

Two 32 ounce containers of chicken broth (or vegetable broth)

Just a little over a pound of squash

Olive Oil



Mis en place (everything in place)

            Dice your onion

            Thoroughly wash the lentils

            Quarter the squash

            Cut carrots in small circular shapes

            Quarter potatoes

            Cube cooked ham

In a large pot sauté your onions and garlic in olive oil, and add the ham bone. 

After the onions take on a translucent color, add your diced carrots, potatoes, squash, ham, and washed lentils.  Quickly add your chicken broth. Set on medium heat. 

The lentils will take around 45 minutes to cook thoroughly, after which you have the perfect soup.  Grab a slice of toasted bread for soaking and enjoy every last bite. p.s. It is even better the second day!

So, as I eat this family recipe, and smile about the possibility of lentils bringing me good luck for the year, I am just happy to be alive and to share bits of my southern life with you. Happy New Year!

Pictures from www.sweeticedtea.net.




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