Tuesday Tip: Things to do with an Address Stamp

22 12 2009

Vista Print is a great source for inexpensive office products.

Everytime we move into a new home, we get a brand new address stamp. Not only are they practical (no more rewriting your address every time you mail a letter, and you can label all kinds of other things from books to tupperware you loan out, luggage, etc.), they also look much nicer than those free address labels we all get from the Humane Society and the like. Plus, you can choose a design that matches your family’s style. (These also make fantastic gifts — especially for a newlywed couple moving into their first home. I almost got permanent hand cramps writing thank you notes for a year to all our generous friends for all those welcome wedding gifts.)

But if you happen to move around as much as a Navy family, and don’t particularly want a drawer full of these, just have them engrave only the address, rather than your last name. This way, you can leave the stamp behind at the house or apartment you’re leaving. What a welcome present this would be to the next new homeowners, especially if accompanied by a little booklet detailing your favorite restaurants, dry cleaners, churches in the area.

But now, just for one more use. Stamp the back page of your address book every time you get a new home. this way, you’ll always have a complete set of addresses from all the places you’ve lived in case you need them for school, job, or banking records (or in case you ever get a hankerin’ to apply for an FBI job, because they will track down every person you ever knew).

You’d be amazed at how quickly those zip codes go out your head the a couple of years later.




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