A Bundle of Mistletoe for Christmas

21 12 2009

Did you know that mistletoe is a parasitic plant? Well, it is! However, I still tracked down a bundle to hang at the house this Christmas.  Typically, in the south, you will find it growing up trees, searching for sunlight, while it steals nutrients that the tree needs to survive from the soil.  Doesn’t this just scream Christmas to you? Of course, I am just kidding.

The history of mistletoe touched many people groups including the Celtics, and the Greeks before making its way to Europe.  Mistletoe was believed to bestow fertility, among other things, which more than likely led to our current practice of kissing under the mistletoe.   I am not too worried about warding off any witches, or evil spirits, or preventing fire with the plant.  Personally, I just rather enjoy the bit of holiday it brings to our front entrance.

We found our bundle at the local hardware store, Ace Hardware.  If you collect mistletoe yourself or buy any that is not pre-treated, ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands after handling. 

Happy Christmas!




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22 12 2009
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