Over the Mississippi River and Through the Woods

17 12 2009

Polar Express

To Grandmother’s house we go! (With a little detour through Memphis for sister-in-law’s college graduation.) Sing with me… the horse knows the way, to carry the sleigh through the white and drifted snow. Hey!

Me and the husband are off for our Christmas holiday in Kentucky. But not to worry, we have plenty of posts lined up for you, so you won’t be without your Sweet Iced Tea through the holidays!

One wonderful way to get over the river and through the woods in true magical style is to take a train. While I love trains in any way, shape, or form (so much better than flying — romantic, less security hassle, more leg room), it would be so much fun to take a train ride (especially with little ones) on the Polar Express.

Many trains are offering Polar Express rides during the holidays, complete with Santa, hot chocolate and ringing bells, and an invitation to wear your pjs!

There are many available, right here in our own South, or if you’re traveling (well, bless your hearts), all around the country.

Here is one at the Charleston Inn. Another in the Great Smokey Mountains of Bryson City, North Carolina (some little friends of mine participated in this one last year and loved it!). Florida, Alabama, and around the country!

If you somehow missed this classic children’s story, go and find it immediately. But for most of us that are familiar with Chris Van Allsburg’s story (or the more recent Tom Hanks movie), the rides recreate the experience.

All you must do is believe! All aboard!




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