South (of the Border)

15 12 2009

I love Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. I love to hear Bing crooning in the background. I love the fact that it’s practically one long month of excuses to eat sweets. I love the shiny colors and bows and garland and especially twinkly lights.

And while I love getting dressed up and going to a fancy party, this year, we thought we’d try something different. Everyone is so busy dashing from here to there, that sometimes, parties seem like one more thing on the list to check off.

So we held a casual, come-and-go thing with a Mexican fiesta theme, complete with tacos, salsa, and Christmas mariachi music.

We wanted to show a few pictures of our day. Feel free to steal the idea (I did).

Oh, and a little secret you can use the next time you have tacos. We always get so chop happy with the tomatoes, olives, cheese, then move right on to the lettuce. Why? Keep that lettuce in full leaves to line the inside of the taco shell. Now, you can pile on the meat, salsa, sour cream, and toppings galore and feel safe with an extra layer of sturdiness between your taco shell, hard or soft.

Our own Becky, taking a crack at the pinata!

Feliz Navidad!




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