Moonpie Over Mobile for New Year’s Eve

11 12 2009

Ok, Well it seems that we are on an Alabama kick today, but sometimes this can be fun! Stay with me…

I am always looking into new ideas, and places to visit for New Year’s Eve, and this is because each and every year my night is somewhat of a letdown. Perhaps, over the course of a year, I build up the perfect New Year evening idea in my head, and dream about some fairytale as prescribed by movies I love.  Nevertheless, I am still searching for the perfect New Year’s Eve.  While the National Championship might be in Pasadena, California on January 7, 2010, you could go to Mobile, Alabama and get in the BAMA spirit at the “Moonpie over Mobile” event for New Year’s Eve. 

The party includes live music, food (breakfast buffet..yummy), champagne, and party favors.  There is also something so intriguing about the idea of seeing a crane lift a large Moonpie over the city at midnight….Definitely something to think about!

Where are you going for New Year’s Eve?




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