Music/Heart of Christmas

8 12 2009

Music of Christmas

Christmas music is the joy of my heart.  On our road trip this fall, Ginger and I merrily listened to a few Christmas albums, and laughed at the fact that most people would think we are crazy.  The emotions surrounding the acts of giving, loving unconditionally and the birth of Jesus are something I do not take lightly, but rather cherish.  And Christmas music seems to usher in all of those sentiments. 

Without a doubt, my favorite of favorite Christmas albums is from Kentucky native, Steven Curtis Chapman.  The album, “Music of Christmas,” truly captures my heart in each and every song, and often I find myself tearing up while listening.  If you are looking to add to your collection of Christmas music, this is a “must have” on my list.  I can assure your enjoyment of the new arrangements of Christmas classics, as well as, Chapman’s new additions. 

In a year when Christmas is last on everyone’s list and money is tight, I hope you will be encouraged to remember that “Christmas is all in the heart, that is where the feeling starts…no, it is not in the snow that may or may not fall, and it is not in the gifts around the tree, it is the love heaven gave the night our Savior came…Christmas is all in the heart…and the JOY can still be found wherever you are…Christmas is all in the heart.”




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8 12 2009

Yay! This is my absolute favorite listen-to-all-year-around album! Love our SCC!

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