1st Annual SIT Gift Guide

6 12 2009

Christmas gifts. Source of much stress, and also much joy. It really is more blessed to give than to receive. Nothing makes my Christmas spirits soar quite like finding that just perfect thing for someone. But sometimes, let’s face it, someone in your life is so special that you want to have a small token to give them for Christmas that means what you want to say, but you’re just stumped.

Whether it’s the girl that has everything or the guy who has nothing, but likes it that way, we all need just a little inspiration sometimes. And I don’t have to tell you that time is ticking away, my friends! (I should stop writing right now and get to finishing my Christmas shopping/wrapping/mailing.)

So Sweet Iced Tea is here to help you out. We tried to hit every “category” (as if people can fit into categories – I know my friends and family don’t), and every price point. Even if these specific gifts don’t tickle your fancy, maybe they’ll be something here to inspire you, or you’ll stumble upon a store you’ve never known before. So, here’s our incomplete, slightly unorganized, way too long, but yet still not containing everything we’d like to share, first annual SIT Gift Guide. What’s on your wish list or gift list?


  • My parents bought my husband a cardigan this year, and while he’s usually a jeans and t-shirts kind of guy here in Florida, he’s thrown this on over everything. Instantly pulls they guy in your life together, and makes him snuggly.
  • Every man needs a good hankie in his pocket.

From Delight

  • You do not have to be a man to want this iPhone cover. (I sure do, just got to get them to make these for Blackberry.)
  • Every guy needs one of these classic Leatherman tools. That’s all there is to it.
  • Ok, I want all the stuff for the guys! This so-much-more-than patio heater would be a-maz-ing at tailgating. Your guy would be the man.
  • This deer print tank would be so cute for lounging around.
  • A unique and cool bracelet.

From DayDefyProject on Etsy

  • THE coolest playhouses. Guaranteed to make their imaginations soar.
  • Sweet, original music boxes. You pick the song title.

From Tin Toy Arcade

  • Old-fashioned tin toys. My someday children will only play with toys this cool, I promise.
  • I secretly wish I was Jewish. Then I could have one of these personalized menorahs.

Peterbrook Chocolate-Covered Popcorn

  • You cannot go wrong with Peterbrook Chocolates. If you’re lucky enough to live in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama, you might already know the deliciousness that is chocolate-covered popcorn. If not, well, be thankful for the internet. I promise, no matter how strange the concept sounds, it will change your life.
  • Another genius Etsy seller, peddling her fresh baked goods for us all to enjoy!
  • Bacon jam. Need I say more?

Milk Bottle Carafes from Three Potato Four


  • Loving these milk bottle carafes. I need these for my guest room.
  • Who doesn’t love a pretty pillow?
  • This is, by far, the coolest kitchen piece of cookware I own. Ebelskivers are like tiny, filled pancakes. I do not claim to be an advanced cook, by any means, and it is so easy to use, and always impresses. I’m buying this this year for my “Secret Santa.” (Hope you’re not reading this, person whose name I drew. You’ll know who you are.)
  • You cannot have too many cloth napkins (in my opinion). And so much the better if they are monogrammed.
  • Personalized Trays. Catching the pattern here? Get any thing monogrammed, and it goes from useful object to thoughtful treasure.

From Etsy seller Flourish

  • I want the pomegranate rose bath salts, or anything from Etsy seller, Flourish Bath and Body.
  • Would there be anything better than smelling like clean, fresh cotton. Such a simple scent for a body splash.
Books & Magazines

Pictorial Webster's Visual Dictionary

  • I just bought this Pictorial Webster’s as a present (to myself, but don’t tell anyone), and it is beautiful. I could look at it for hours.
  • Husband bought me a Kindle for our anniversary last year. It’s the original e-book reader. Amazon has endless books, fantastic service, and cheapy cheap cheap prices. I love my Kindle. I cannot say enough about it. Seriously, if you have any concerns about giving up the paper books, ask me, I’ll regale the qualities of it all day long.
  • If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for Etsy. Everything is handmade, so the sellers really care about their product. And the chances you’ll have something original, and not like every other Target factory product are greater. (I love you Target! Don’t get me wrong!)
  • So, spend some time browsing Etsy and it’s sister handmade sites such as Big Cartel for those folks that just nothing seems just right for. If nothing else, you’ll be proud to say, “It’s handmade.”
  • Here are just a few more of my favorites:
  • De Poppenkraal – This is half steampunk, half prim Victorian. Perfect to give your stylishly cool grandma. (I have this other side to my Southern-ness. I have a secret love for all things “steampunk.” It’s strange. I have my theories, but I really can’t explain it.)

Portrait Earrings from De Poppenkraal

  • TheBeSide – I immediately thought of several friends (way cooler than me), that I could give these to. These Box Link Earrings are the coolest and you could do any outfit with Misshapes on Chain.

Moleskin City Books


  • I don’t go anywhere without at least one Moleskin in my purse. (Usually 3 — I know, it’s a problem.) These Moleskin city guides are perfect for anyone in your life you know is jet setting (lucky things) sometime this year. They’ve got 44 cities so far. Bonus points if you tuck a plane ticket and some spending cash in the right currency in there. (And, uh, if you do, can you be my friend?)
  • It’s the 70th anniversary of Gone with the Wind. One of the greatest epic love stories of all time and Southern to boot. A classic favorite movie.
  • It’s a rare sight to ever spot Ginger without heels on, but if you do, there’s a good chance I’m in Toms. Addictive, cute, and a good cause. For every pair you buy, they give a pair to a child in need. You’ve seen the commercial.
  • If I’m ever having a bad day, I go check out Improv Everywhere. It is the funniest and happiest concept. I want to live in a world where things like this exist. In my own head, I’m constantly in a musical movie, and these folks make things like this happen. They’ve put their adventures in a book. They cause scenes.
  • I’m like a walking advertisement for Netflix. As if I need anymore excuse to be a homebody, but there’s nothing better on cold January nights.
  • This has changed my life. If you have a friend who really insists you don’t get him or her anything, but you want to show some token of love, please consider Compassion International. It’s such a small expense on my list of bills, but it makes such an impact on a child’s life and is a monthly reminder that there are bigger problems in the world than my own. Or perhaps you want to consider adding a child’s sponsorship to your own family.
  • Homemade. Get creative and make something on your own. If you do it correctly, you can save a lot of time shopping by making everyone the same thing (especially if it’s food, everyone can enjoy). Photo frames, pillow cases, socks, scarves… for some homebodies (like me), it’s much nicer to sit at home watching Rudolph than frantically running about to every store in the mall.
And I didn’t even get into stockings or wrapping, but I’ll give you a hint as to what’s winding up in my family’s stockings. Sharpie pens (LOVE these), mini Moleskin notebooks, Avon chapstick and lotions, Altoids, staple free stapler, pralines, and, of course, oranges! Oh, and my wrapping paper is a preppy pink and green this year!
Now, hop to it, kids!



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