Tuesday Tip: Unwanted Credit Card Offers

24 11 2009

We’ve all heard the funny story about the man whose town installed cameras above traffic lights to catch red-light runners. When the man received a ticket, with a picture of his license plate, he sent back a picture of the check for the cost of the ticket.

Well, this Tuesday Tip isn’t quite that vindictive, but it runs in the same vein. If (IF?) you get unwanted credit card offers in the mail, unsolicited, cut it up in a few pieces, thrown away half, and mail the other half back in the pre-paid envelope that came with the offer.

This may sound just plain fun, but it really serves another purpose. In the world we live in, thieves aren’t above dumpster diving these days to steal your identity. No matter how many pieces you tear it into, they’re all in the same general vicinity in your trash can on garbage day. All it takes is a few pieces of tape and a copy machine for someone to fill out an application addressed to you. But if they can only get their hands on half, it’s impossible.

These days, we can’t protect our credit or identity too carefully from watching eyes.




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