Johnny Cash by Elloh

21 11 2009

"Ode to Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire" by Elloh on Etsy

I’m not sure if I’ve pronounced my love yet here for the great Mr. Johnny Cash, but if not, I’ve been remiss. And I know I’ve pronounced my love for Etsy.

So when I saw these fantastic prints in Elloh‘s shop, paying homage to some of the great icons of our popular culture, I immediately wanted, well, all of them. But a few, including this gorgeous Johnny Cash print, made it onto my Christmas list (you reading, dear husband?).

But better hurry. She’s retiring several of these prints on Etsy on December 15th, 2009!

Go on over, take a look, and tell her we sent ya!

P.S.- Spending a good part of my childhood in Nashville, I’d just like to say I loved the great Johnny Cash long before the wave of popular Walk the Line (beautiful movie with beautiful music and acting, though, by the way) came out. Just for the record!




One response

7 02 2010

I really like hearing when others have a fondness for the late and great Johnny Cash, it’s comforting to me knowing that i’m not alone…I have been listening to his music from a very early age..

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