Screen Door Series: Athens

20 11 2009

Do you ever find yourself listening to a stranger’s conversation in a public place, or creating your own scenario of what might be happening between people when you cannot hear the words, but can read the body language?  Then I think you will understand where I am coming from, when I say I do this all of the time, and it even overflows into evening walks with my boyfriend.  We often walk in the evenings and I love his neighborhood.  Just love it.  Because so many of the homes are older and carry their own personalities, I tend to make up little stories in my head about their owners (who I do not know), and notice their décor as we stroll by.  I realize it might sound a bit strange, as I basically love looking into people’s houses, but it is fascinating to see how other people live. Just for the record, we are on a walk, so we do not stop and look into people’s homes.  Most observations are just casual comments on our evening stroll.   I know many of your Southern cities are great for this including, Charleston, which is perfect for walks of observation, especially at night. 

With this being said, we found the cutest screen door on our fall road trip in Athens, Georgia.  When I come across such delights, I instantly think of who and what could have lived in such a home. For example, could this home originally been a wedding gift to a young couple, who’s parents wanted their daughter to have a great social life thus moving her into the heart of Athens? All the while being funded by her banker father until the new husband found his footing?  As you well know, one must live in the best places to meet the best people and find the best jobs.  Of course, this is how many people lived “back in the day,” but perhaps over the years as the couple grew older the home became a burden to their children and they were obliged to sell.  As a result, the home is now occupied by a university professor or perhaps by an older man who lives his day to read the paper, smell a cup of coffee and walk the neighbor noticing the change in seasons.  He keeps things tidy, of course, and Horace, the cat brings him constant cheer and companionship.  Don’t fret over his companionship as he is very active in the Presbyterian Church around the corner, and sings in the choir each Sunday.  “God is good,” he says, and lives another grateful day. 

Really, I do not know the history behind this screen door, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming.  If you think about all of the screen doors and the stories they carry with each swing, you will never be bored or tired for amusement. 

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2 responses

20 11 2009
katie s

Love it!!!! Thanks again for the amazing article on my house, really was great. Ps my mom send your blog address to evryone on her email list! Good things!

27 11 2009

I highly enjoyed reading your post, keep on making such interesting posts.

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