Road Trip Feature: Athens, Georgia Home and Katie S.

18 11 2009

Last month we were so excited to post a new feature for the Screen Door Series from Athens, Georgia.  The screen door, which no longer lives outdoors, was moved inside to the dining room wall of my friend Katie’s house.  As promised, here a few pictures, as well as, an interview with Katie.   

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: I think my main inspiration comes from family and friends. Both sides of my family are extremely creative and have a knack for decorating. I also love to make something out of nothing. When shopping, I try to find a unique item that I can make into a very cool decoration. For example, an old chicken coop, now painted and distressed can make an awesome coffee table (see picture). One of my favorite things to tell visitors at my house is that, “almost everything came from a thrift store or was a hand-me-down!!!”

Q: Does the south play any part in your design style?

A: I love old antiques and traditional items from the south.  Cloth napkins and an old milk jug full of fresh picked daisies are examples. I was raised in a log cabin in north Georgia by a mother that decorated our entire house in antiques, so I use the past with a twist to decorate my home.  New and old mixed items always add a different look to your decor. Antique windows are my weakness.

Q: Where do you shop?

A: Thrift stores and yard sales.  I love walking into my local Habitat for Humanity thrift store, filling up the buggy and asking “how much for the whole cart?”  On average the price is $30! I justify spending the money knowing it goes to one of the best community organizations around.

Q: Suggestions for those starting off?

A: For me to get started on a project, such as my dining room table, I looked through Country Living Magazine.  This helped me imagine color palates and such.  If you have a hard time imagining how a room might turn out, magazines are good to help you see things before you do them. With a vision, I am off to the thrift store. I like to find the cheapest and the easiest thing(s) to fix….if a table leg is completely broken I might not buy that table, but if it leg is only wobbly, a little wood glue can do the trick.

I also have a ton of paint. Every time I go to Home Depot, I buy the “oops” can for $5.  This keeps me stocked with fresh paint. Remember, you can always have it tinted another color!! Some yard sales also have great left over colors. You just never know what you can find by looking.

Sand paper and a sander are also necessary if you like the shabby chic look, which I love.

The best advice I can give is just buy any old thing, paint it a bright color, put a cute frame, and a pitcher of fresh flowers on it, and you will love it!




6 responses

18 11 2009

Becky (and Katie)!
I love this! I love love love and am overwhelmed with your cuteness, even though I knew what was coming!

Ah… Athens… must visit soon!

18 11 2009

I just love your house and would love to visit it some day…I only hope to have my house come close to yours.

21 11 2009

I love this!! I wish I could get Katie to come to my home and help me!!!

30 11 2009

Having been to your adorable home, I can say first-hand how creative and innovative your designs are to the eye and to the heart. Your rooms just warm the soul and make you feel comfortable, at-ease, and welcome. Congratulations on an award-winning feature in the internet domain.

1 12 2009
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21 04 2010

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