Road Trip Feature: Erin Austen Abbott

13 11 2009

Fall Trip 2009 104

Over the past few years my family began the most interesting process of beekeeping.  Since this time, there have been stings, harvests, and the most delicious honey.  On our fall trip around the south we met Erin Austen Abbott in her store, Amelia in Oxford, Mississippi.  To my amazement, Erin had these beautiful shots of beehives on the walls of her store.  With a simple inquiry and even further excitement, we found out that Erin herself was indeed the photographer. 

Below is the last segment of our interview with Erin.  I know you will enjoy these photos and appreciate the sheer simplicity, and creativity and also be reminded that bees are amazing insects! All of the pictures below are from Erin and she can be reached at for details.

Q:While shopping in your store I was overwhelmed by the beautiful beehive photographs, which as it turns out, you took yourself.  How did you decide to start a portfolio of beehives photos?  Is there anywhere you are hoping to take pictures of other beehives?

Well, thank you first off for your kind words with regards to my photography. When I start a new body of work, I sort-of become engrossed in the project. It becomes like the hunt in a thrift store for the perfect Pyrex bowl, just for example. I seek out a subject matter that leaves me searching. My last body of work was tornado shelters throughout Mississippi. I began a search and found dozens and dozens.

Erin's Bees 3

With that said, I once heard about how in New York City, local honey was sold and that each batch tasted different depending on which borough it came from. I was hooked. I had to know more. I began getting these images in my mind of a hive on a rooftop with the whole city behind them. I found some beekeepers and flew up to take their pictures. I am proud to say, I shot that image that I saw in my mind while starting this series. I say starting because I do have plans to shoot more. On my honeymoon in Paris this spring, I’m hoping to take some there, and in San Francisco and Chicago.  I have plans to take some rooftop beekeeper photos there as well. It’s definitely an ongoing project.

Erin's Bees 1

Erin's Bees 2

Thank you Erin for sharing your amazing photograhps, Amelia and your home with us!




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