Road Trip Feature: Amelia and Erin Austen Abbott

12 11 2009


In the heart of The Square, an Oxford, Mississippi must see spot, Ginger and I happened upon the cutest of cute stores, Amelia.  I was first enticed by the opportunity for a cool drink and walked in to find that owner, Erin Austen Abbott had much more to offer us. 

Almost as if we had walked into the set of an Anthropologie photo shoot (but better), Erin’s eye for detail, did not go unnoticed.  Each of her unique items were perfectly cascaded around the no more than 40 X 20 space.  Striking up conversation about one of her products, we quickly found Erin to be both friendly and creative.  Via email Erin agreed to answer a few questions about her store and creative pursuits.  Today and tomorrow, we will feature Erin’s store, work and home. We know you will enjoy her perspective and we are thrilled to introduce her and Amelia (her store) to you.

Q: It seems that you are connected to the Oxford art scene. Are there any projects that you assist with throughout the year, and/or any events that you like in particular?

A: Yes, actually, I started a series called, The One Night Stand Motel Art Show Series. The name changes with each place, but so far it has been “The One Night Stand at The Ole Miss Motel” three times, and I did one in Los Angeles as well, which was called, “The One Night Stand at The Beverly Laurel Motel.”

I rent ten rooms at the motel and then have ten artists. Each artist gets a room to use as their gallery space for the evening. It’s been getting bigger and bigger each year. The Oxford events have brought out around 500 (people) while the LA event had 1500 (people). The next event will be next fall in Oxford. I’m hoping to take this to Philly, Portland, and Brooklyn in the next couple of years.

I am also starting an event in Oxford called The Little Lyric, which is a monthly concert for kids at The Lyric Theatre. This is still in the works.

I also really like the Maker’s Market. I am not involved with this, but I think it’s a great event. It falls on the 1st and 3rd of every month. It’s Oxford’s version of the Renegade Craft Fair.

Q: Does the south in any way influence your artistic point of view?

A: It does in the way I look at lighting. Nowhere else in the country has the lighting we have in the South. I have lived all over this country and in every corner of it as well. Nothing comes close. I’m always drawn to natural light and try to work it into everything I do behind the camera.

Q: What is your favorite southern food and can you find it in Oxford? If so, where?

A: My favorite southern food is fried catfish. Hands down. In Oxford, the best place to find it is actually in a town right outside called Taylor. Taylor Grocery is the best. Believe me, I love it so much that they are catering my wedding this March.

Taylor Grocery

Picture from

Q: Now to my personal favorite question, if there was a soundtrack to your life, what would be your title track?

A: Well, my mom likes to tell this story. When I was around four or five, I woke her up really early one morning, tugging on her sleeve, “Mama, wake up. Wake up.” I said to her. “Yes?” she responded. “Mama, where do your dreams go when you wake up?” I asked. She didn’t have an answer for me at 5AM. I’m still wondering the answer. Yet trying to make sure that they don’t slip away. So the title track would be, “Where Do Your Dreams Go When You Wake Up?”

A big thanks to Erin and I cannot wait to share with you the remainder of our interview and pictures of her home and photographs.




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12 11 2009

What a lovely space that looks like! I could spend some time in there!

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