Tuesday Tip: Honor a Vet!

10 11 2009

If there’s one thing Southerners are known for, it’s their hospitality. If there’s a second thing we’re known for, it’s our patriotism.

So this week’s Tuesday Tip is something that can bring a smile to our Veteran’s (and a smile to our own)! Who doesn’t love the feeling you get when you do something nice for someone? It relieves stress, warms your heart, and doesn’t make the other person feel too bad either.

So today, on this day before Veteran’s Day, where we take the time to honor our Veteran’s, and think about so many others who have risked, and daily risk their lives and their freedoms to give us ours, why not spend a few minutes baking up a batch of your favorite cookies, make up a batch of your best homemade soup, or those last blooms from your garden and taking them to a nearby military base (call ahead and see what the requirements are for getting a visitor’s pass), Vet’s hospital or shelter, or even to a fire station. Just honor someone in our community who serves us while we think about those who sacrifice so much so we can have the freedoms we enjoy every day. And if you’re lucky enough to know a current service member (love you, honey!), make sure you do something extra special for him or her.

Warm a Veteran’s heart. And your own!




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