OnWater Journal

5 11 2009

OnWater Journal

Where do you find happiness? It is in the written word, or song? In a moment of inspiration or peace? Perhaps you find it is simply doing what you love most, which could be anything really.  I am always so impressed when I cross paths with individuals who are doing what they love, and who are brave enough to know that “if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly” (T. Roosevelt, 1910). 

My uncle Dave, launched a new magazine last Friday, OnWater Journal, and I couldn’t be more excited for him as he lives out his life’s passion.  Uncle Dave has a strong affinity for the water.  Growing up as a beach boy aided him on this track, but he found his way to fishing, to be specific, fly fishing.  We live in a great area for fishing, and he has travelled near and far to share in his gifts and talents and now extends himself further with OnWater Journal.  While Uncle Dave is a great fisherman, the magazine nods to all things outdoors.  This maiden voyage for the magazine has interesting articles, great pictures, and you will even find a recipe from my dear old dad. 

I hope you will enjoy, and subscribe for all future publications. 

Congrats Uncle Dave, OnWater Journal is sure to be a hit!




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