The Four Coursemen

3 11 2009

FourCoursemen 1

The ever creative city of Athens, Georgia has yet another feather in its cap with the world unveiling of the Four Coursemen.  Food and Wine Magazine featured this “underground,” Athens supper club in their November issue.  Now, I must admit I am very excited about the future of this group, but I am also a bit anxious. Will I ever find an open weekend, with an open seat?  Here is what happens with the Four Coursemen, they send out an email letting everyone know when their website will accept reservations for the next dinner.  From here you must go to the website at the specified date and time, and sign up via the “eat with us” link on the website.  It is basically a first come, first serve approach. Seats fill up almost instantaneously.  Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

I first heard of these private dining events from an article in Garden and Gun magazine (the south’s best publication, aside from, and have craved one of their dining experiences ever since. 

Make sure to check out the Garden and Gun article, pick up Food and Wine magazine and read our post about supper clubs. 

Perhaps one day we will be lucky enough to enjoy a seat at their table. Can anyone put in a good word for me? Happy Dining!


All pictures from photographer Rinne Allen.




2 responses

4 11 2009

Hi! This is Nancy of the Four Coursemen. I wanted to thank you for blogging about us! We’re really excited about the Food and Wine article and the response from it has been wonderful. I did want to correct one thing in your post… in order to be a guest at our dinners you must sign up for our email list and we’ll shoot out an email letting everyone know when our website will be accepting reservations for our next dinner, you have to go to the website at the specified date and time (first come first serve as you said) and sign up via the “eat with us” link on the website. This is the only way to get in and we generally book out in just a few minutes. Thank you so very much for your enthusiam about all things southern and about the Four Coursemen. Cheers!

27 01 2010
The Four Coursemen Menu(s) « Sweet Iced Tea

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