A Little Housekeeping

30 10 2009

Hi, Friends!

We try and keep this blog solely about the South that we all know and love. But what’s more Southern than Sweet Iced Tea?? So from time to time, we’ll have to let you in on a couple of “housekeeping” memos, just between us friends. Then we’ll get right back to the good stuff.

I’m sure most of you have noticed our “Pages” over there to the right. We’ve got a little About Us, our page of “Southern Sayin’s,” and a whole lot more coming.

So you might have noticed our “What in Tarnation?” page has changed to “Odds ‘n’ Ends.” This is just a little about technology. We’re no spring chickens, but we try to stay up on all the latest technologies you readers might be using. That way, we can all stay in touch! And, let’s just face it… nothing is more fun than to glance at your cellular and realize you’ve got a Twitter (especially if it’s from SIT)!

One of our favorite recommendations we’ve added for you “readers” out there is Google Reader. If you already use a Goggle account for anything – email, news, maps, and other applications – you should really check out the Google Reader feature. For instance, instead of typing in http://www.sweeticedtea.wordpress.com everyday into your web browser’s address space, you can just go and check Google Reader, and this uploads any new content we’ve posted since the last time you checked. The genius of this feature is that it keeps you from typing in all those fun sites you check most often. As you know, we’re big fans of other blogs and shops and such too, so instead bookmarking and directing your browser to each individual site every day, it’s all in one place.

Go ahead, give it a try. We won’t mind! Just make sure you “subscribe” to Sweet Iced Tea. Now, we can talk every day! (Psst, just a hint for the rest of you just figuring out this newfangled technology stuff… you might of heard of an RSS feed (that pesky orange box with the three arches popping up everywhere)… turns out that’s what this is. See, you learned something new!)

While I’m at it, just a reminder that if y’all ever have any questions, suggestions, hopes, complaints (oops!), or just thoughts you might like to share, feel free to email us at beckyandginger@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!




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