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28 10 2009

Released by Tina Thompson

You’ll all remember my wonderful mother (whom I affectionately call Lady) who wrote for us a great post a while back about her historic home. Well, she’s not just a great guest blogger, she’s a published author.

Today, my sweet mom’s book Released was, well, released!

About her experience of struggling with depression and anxiety, she wrote this practical guide to help those struggling with the same through it. But it’s so much more than just a guide.

She shares her experiences, troubles, and how she found answers, ultimately in God, with us all. While I feel like I knew my Lady better than almost anyone, I was shocked and surprised to learn about how deep a depression she went through when I was much younger, too young to remember. What a strong Lady! (And not technically a Southerner by birth, but she got here as quick as she could, and has lived in the South more than half her life.)

While hundreds of thousands of folks write books every year, few of those ever get read by publishers. And even fewer of them get picked up to be published. And for most of those, it takes years of submission.

Tate Publishing picked hers up almost instantly. We tease because my dad is a writer by trade, and my mom is the first in the family to complete a book. (Though my third pursuit starts on Sunday!)

If you know anyone who is struggling or has struggled with depression or anxiety, this book is worth a read. At 96 pages, it won’t overwhelm someone going through these types of trials. And if you’re fortunately enough to never have undergone such a time, I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve learned so much from this book. We as humans are designed to live and work a certain way. Our souls are designed, while not to always be happy, not to be in the bondage of depression or anxiety. So it’s definitely worth a read.

Pick it up here at her site, or at Barnes & Noble or

Congratulations, Lady! We’re so proud of you for overcoming and for writing this guide to help others through it!




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28 10 2009

Cute blog! 🙂

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