Food Network’s 50 States, 50 Burgers

27 10 2009


(above Neely’s Mini Memphis burgers via the Food

I have a confession. I probably watch more meals prepared on the Food Network than I actually prepare for myself.

I can sit, mesmerized for hours by the mastery and creativity of all those personality-filled chefs. Now, of course there’s my favorite and yours, Paula Deen, but when I want a taste of food outside my homeground, I love to watch Giada, Bobby, Nigella, and Ina.

So when I heard the Food Network traveled around the country collecting the best of the burgers, I just had to see who won out in our beloved South. Go over and check out the burger joint nearest to your hometown and pay a visit to such delicacies as the Cousin’s Hamburger in Kentucky, the Creek Bank Large Cheeseburger in Alabama, The Slugburger in Mississippi, and the Frita Burger in Florida.

Do you have a favorite home-grown burger in your town?




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13 11 2009
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