Screen Door Series: Memaw’s Door

30 09 2009

If I was to make a list of things that make me happy, a screen door would be at the top of the list. Also, at the top of my list would be the memories of Memaw (my grandmother) mending her screen door.  Living at the beach, and being a classic DIYer (Do it Yourself), before it was popular, Memaw was her own handyman.  From the detached shed, Memaw would pull out her enormous roll of screen.  This was important as her house has over 45 windows, each having it’s own screen, and there are also three screen doors.  This resulted in a constant need for excessive amounts of screen.  Nevertheless, Memaw would find a good spot on the brick porch, cut off pieces of screen and go to work.  Now, I can honestly say that I cannot remember ever helping! I do remember an occasion or two when I sat eating Pringles and drinking a Sprite (Memaw’s staple snacks for the grandchildren) and just watched, but I never assisted.  The thought of attempting my own screen door leaves me a bit uneasy, but if Memaw can do it, then I should try. 

This door is our family gateway.  It was used by many people in our family that I barely remember, or never met, but it has also been THE door to Memaw’s house.  This door was open to the surfer friends of my uncles and father, the entourage of wintering neighbors, friends, loved ones, but most importantly, the door was open. Memaw was required to mend it frequently because it was used so much.   

It was the recipient of several coats of paint, salt air abuse, and wind storms, but it is Memaw’s and I couldn’t love it more.  It is simple, beautiful and in every way perfect.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Hi Memaw!

Hi Memaw!




4 responses

1 10 2009

Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

7 10 2009
Deborah Lambert

It is always a pleasure to read your short remembrances of your childhood days. In a time now when if you don’t lock it down or bolt the door behind you -you may be robbed , it is extrememly refreshing to read that there really was a time in your life when the door was left un-locked and a screen door slightly moved with the wind. Oh the good ‘ol days!!! A screen door definitely epitomizes the southern lifestyle, but even more so a Grandmothers home. I loved the picture of Memaw. It made me cry.


17 10 2009

I love your screen door memories…I love screen doors, and I, like you, have so many memories of my Granny being her on handy man…Grandmothers are the best!! I feel so lucky to be from the South and to have such a special Granny.

13 06 2010
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