How about them Honeycrisps?

17 09 2009

My friend Joanne brought me a most delicious treat the other day. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting a scrumptious Honeycrisp apple, find/borrow/or steal your closest North Carolinian friend and bribe/pay/threaten them until they bring you as many as can get your hands on.

I had never heard of, much less experienced this delicious Southern treat, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was the most succulent apple I’ve ever tasted (and I eat a lot of apples, and had previously been absolutely married to one certain brand that hails from New Zealand, of all places — Gala apples are usually my brand of choice). And unfortunately, I’d better gobble up all I can for a small, short amount of time, as Joanne shares that they are only available during this time of year.

Located in Henderson County, just south of Asheville, these treats are Southern grown, and I hope, for all of your sake, heartily Southern eaten!




One response

12 10 2009
Michelle Preston

Yes! These are the most delicious apples by far! Sometimes you can find them at Publix, if you are lucky! I am so glad I found you girls! I only asked Peter the website a million times this weekend 🙂

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