Goodbye, Patrick Swayze.

15 09 2009

I’m sure the sad news has reached most of you by now that this Houston-native passed away yesterday, losing his battle with cancer. Mr. Swayze lived a full life, and our hearts are with the friends and family of this brave and inspiring man.

Mr. Swayze was perhaps best remembered for his famous role in Dirty Dancing. I remember my first experience with the film. I couldn’t have been out of kindergarten, and my mom was having a “girls day” with her best friend, Karen from Nashville. They watched Dirty Dancing. I’m sure at the time I was bored, not understanding, or probably even watching the film, but even moms aren’t immuned to the spell of that compelling story.

Let’s celebrate this Southerner and his life as we remember him during this time of lose of one of our own.




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