Now the Summer’s Over Roundup

11 09 2009

Well, y’all… the summer’s officially over, but I know most of us still have a few hot days out there of shorts and backyard cookouts. Still, we thought we’d round up our list of things we suggested you do as a Southerner all in one place. So if you didn’t get to these all these past few months, don’t worry (neither did we!). Sweet Iced Tea will be here all throughout the year, dreaming up more activities, nostalgia, and just plain ol’ Southern charm. We know you’ll get around to them eventually.

We kicked off the summer with a dance! It’s not too late to get out there and dance in the streets, your living room, or a community hoedown.

Then, we planned our great Southern road trip. Where did it take you?

Next, we ate some veggies (seasonally summer, of course).

Becky took us out to the beach, of course.

We found ourselves a summer theme song.

… went shopping.

… learned about the joys and pain of owning a historic home from Tina Thompson.

And ate some more veggies! (My, weren’t we enjoying our Southern right to eat this summer, weren’t we?)

Went to Graceland.

And took a walk.

There was so much more throughout the summer, including visits to North Carolina, New York City (through the eyes of a Southern girl, of course), and Alabama. We learned about bees and honey, watched the moon, made some cobbler, and caught some fireflies. Shew! We were busy between all that relaxing!

So now that summer’s over, here’s to fall at Sweet Iced Tea!




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