Tuesday Tip:Giving From the Gift Registry

9 09 2009

If you are married, or have children and experienced the joy of a “shower” or party given in your honor, then you know all about gift registries.  I have yet to experience either of those things and yet I feel I can speak from experience about the importance of giving from the registry.  Having attended thousands (I exaggerate but it sure feels like it) of wedding and baby showers over the years, there were hundreds (also exaggerating) of fake smiles as the guest of honor opened yet another glass picture frame or a 2 month old, long sleeved onesie for a summer baby.  Of course, these items were never on the registry and the guest of honor eventually donated the items to the Goodwill or other charitable foundation.

Point in case, if this is a first marriage and first baby, more than likely the persons who registered probably need the items on the list.  Unless you are a master craftsman, artist or seamstress, very few gifts off of the registry are actually desired. 

This is advice I am also giving myself as I enter into shower season blitz and as I pride myself on innovative and original gifts.  Nevertheless, I do not want to be categorized with those gift givers whose gifts are eventually discarded.  Also, isn’t it so much easier to buy what someone has already picked out?  4 weddings, and 3 babies, totaling 9 wedding showers and 3 baby showers this season and I plan to give off of the registry entirely.




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