Take a Walk

26 08 2009

Sometimes you just need to escape.  While you might not be able to jet off to your dream vacation spot, you can open your front door and head outdoors.  Walking could be exactly what you need to escape, work through a few life scenarios in your head, or simply enjoy the beauty which abounds. 

A walk through your neighborhood, or perhaps on the main street of your small town will more than likely produce a smile and hopefully a conversation from the elderly man you often see but rarely speak to, the new neighbor a few houses down, or just maybe you will see a bit of wildlife. 

A walk might find sand between your toes, the song of a mockingbird, the sighting of a rainbow after a good rain, a breeze across your face, or the clapping of trees in the wind. 

A walk provides the opportunity to breathe in, breathe out and rest knowing that tomorrow is a new day. 




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