We love you, North Carolina!

23 08 2009

I love NCSo, we’ve had a great time this week paying homage to North Carolina. Thanks to Laura and Katie for sharing some insider spots and perspective. And our own Becky, a part-Carolinian native… while I may not have as much knowledge as these three Southerners, there are a few things about North Carolina that I love and just couldn’t live without.

First and foremost is their BBQ. Now anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time knows I’m a BBQ lover, and devoted too my favorite Memphis-style as my all time favorite, I do love love LOVE me some vinegar-based North Carolina-style almost as much. (Notice I said almost, North Carolina.) They’ve got the good sense enough to use pork as the meat of choice, and sometimes nothing hits the spot more than a good, wet pile of pulled pork, smothered in that tart and tangy sauce.

And while you’re enjoying that ‘Q, might as well put on some mood-soothing music from our favorite Carolina crooner, James Taylor. Mr. Taylor was raised in Carrboro, NC and of coursed penned one of my favorite nostalgic tunes, “Carolina In My Mind” (which I’m listening to right now for inspiration).

And who could forget my very favorite Carolina native — Andy Griffith. Does it get any better than to turn on TV Land to find a wholesome episode of The Andy Griffith Show? Mr. Griffith was born in Mount Airy and attended UNC. Don’t ya just want to sit down to dinner with this gentleman and hear all his stories.

There’s so much to love about NC… let’s all plan a visit there sometime real soon, shall we?




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23 08 2009

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina…..


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