North Carolina Week: The Smoky Mountains

19 08 2009

Summer is when the world travels.  We go near and far, to new places, and old places, places where we feel comfortable and at rest, and sometimes even subject ourselves to places where visitors are among the thousands.  However, I suppose, I would always prefer to try something and then make a decision, as opposed to never trying at all.  Wouldn’t you?

My life is a constant revolving door.  I thrive when busy and often feel restless when there are no tasks at hand.  As I move into adulthood and whatever it may entail, I realize the importance of forcing myself to rest, relax and basically remove myself from the busy world.  A place, in which I always find solace, is in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  My first trip as a three week old infant was documented by a picture of my mother holding me, while peering back over her shoulder to look at the camera.  I love that picture.  This picture not only captured my first trip, but also reminds me of the foundation laid by my parents. It is a foundation of love for the mountains.  As a beach family, the mountains have become our refuge and quiet place of comfort.

Here is a bit more of my comfort.




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