North Carolina Week: Charlotte (Part 1)

19 08 2009

Today and Thursday will feature two posts from two amazing ladies loving the life of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Katie Hathaway and Laura Gainer will share their unique view on Charlotte and also provide us with an insider view on the best places for dining, going out, parks, etc.  We couldn’t happier to have them post on our site and hope they will share with us again.  Please feel free to share your comments about Charlotte and enjoy North Carolina Week.


As born and raised Florida girls, we never dreamed of moving away from the beach.  But settling into a city like Charlotte, North Carolina was much easier than anticipated.  We’re not going to lie, we miss feeling the sand between our toes every now and then, but we wouldn’t trade the experience we’ve had living in this wonderful city that we now call home.

Charlotte, known as the “Queen City,” was founded in 1769, and was named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England.  Today, Charlotte is North Carolina’s largest city and the nation’s second largest banking city.  One of the many qualities that drew us to Charlotte is its unique blend of historic southern culture and modern charm.

From new high rises in the Uptown skyline, to restaurant openings on any given weekend, to a variety of concerts and festivals each week, Charlotte continues to excite us. Friends of ours who have grown up in this area constantly talk about all of the drastic changes throughout the years, but we are amazed at how Charlotte has evolved just within the last seven years. It is no mystery why a place like Charlotte attracts people from all walks of life and from completely different parts of the country. Although it is a city deep in its southern roots, where stringed pearls, monograms and “y’alls” are abundant, the native Charlotteans are very welcoming to northern newcomers. For Florida girls like us, we appreciate that beaches are just a short road trip away, and as an added bonus, the beautiful North Carolina Mountains are even closer.

Fall in Charlotte (something to look forward to) Pic from

Fall in Charlotte (something to look forward to) Pic from




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