He Was So Handsome, Wasn’t He?

13 08 2009


Go to Graceland!

 This week marks the 32nd year anniversary of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s death. With all the press on the King of Pop’s recent death, Elvis might get lost in the shuffle of mourners this year, but not in Memphis.

 If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Graceland, it’s truly something every Southerner ought to do sometime in their lifetime. And there’s no better time than the annual Elvis Week, that takes place in August.

 In honor of our favorite Southern entertainer, his estate hosts a week-long schedule of activities including Elvis film festivals, concerts, art contests, scavenger hunts, lectures, and of course, the Graceland mansion is open for viewing.

It all culminates on August 16th, the anniversary date of the death of the King, where an all-night Candlelight Vigil takes place. Mourners come from all over the world to build shrines, and simply just walk  by his grave. It is really a sight to behold, so if you’re anywhere near Memphis this week, make plans to attend. And if you can’t get there this year, remember, on our Top 30 List of all things Southerners should do (if you’re keeping track), is to see Graceland.




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