Tuesday Tip: Housekeeping with Newspaper

11 08 2009

I don’t know about you, but as the summer gets hotter, my trash can gets smellier. We try and throw out the tiniest bits of food, but occasionally, waste is just an unfortunate part of life.

So, after you read that Sunday paper this weekend, fold several of the sheets and line the bottom of your can (this works indoors or out). It helps soak up liquids and spills that sneak through those heafty bags, and also to eliminate odors. You can pour a little bleach or your other favorite cleaner oil or spray in after it to help aid in the de-odoring process.

Other uses:

  • Stuff wads into shoes, purses, luggage, or boxes to help remove odors and keep their shape
  • Start a fire with rolls (not that we need this anytime soon, unless you’re going camping, but remember that for the cooler winter nights, k?)
  • Use it as a sponge. Newspaper picks up grease wonderfully from the stovetop, driveway, windows, etc.

Are there any other great uses for newspaper that y’all know of?




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