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5 08 2009

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Now, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s just take a moment here to scold ourselves. We finally get some press in a major news publication, Time magazine, and it’s bad. Shame on us. We ought to prove ’em wrong.

What was this article about: Why are Southerners so Fat?

It makes some good points about the types of food we eat (fried, drenched in gravy), income levels, even the weather, but come on now, Southerners, with all our modern knowledge of health and what it can do to prolonged life and quality of that life, we’ve got to get on the ball.

Now I’m certainly not advocating giving up all our fried chicken or coconut cakes, but in the states where we can show off our legs in shorts 6 months out of the year, and bathing suits at least half that, we’ve got to stop making excuses and get ourselves some exercise and add a salad or two into our eating habits (minus the mayonnaise, sorry, folks).

Well, anyway, it’s an interesting article, so head on over and read it, and then get off that couch and take a walk/swim/bike ride.

What do y’all say, with me?!




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9 12 2009
“F” Stands for Fried « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] the Colonel might not be proud of y’all, we appreciate what you’re doing to keep us all healthier and offer another choice for those picnics we’re already looking forward to next […]

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